Red Mountain Band Families & Alumni – If you have not filed your taxes already, we are looking for YOUR HELP!

We are looking for additional support for our band program and it will cost you nothing through the AZ TAX CREDIT! 

Please consider donating to the Red Mountain Band ECA Donation Account 8122 – payments can be made online HERE

THE AZ tax credit (also known as ECA) allows taxpayers to make charitable contributions and receive dollar-for-dollar reductions in their Arizona state tax liabilities. For each dollar donated, you get either a credit to reduce your tax liability or a reimbursement to increase your tax refund. 

Did you know a person does not need to have a child enrolled in school to take advantage of this state tax credit? The tax credit is available to ALL qualifying individual AZ state taxpayers. An individual may contribute $200, and a couple filing jointly may contribute up to $400 and receive the money back in the form of a tax credit.  

How does the Arizona State Tax Credit work?

If you qualify for this state tax credit, make a contribution to the Marching Band and when you file your Arizona state taxes, the amount would be subtracted from what you owe or added to the amount of your refund. For example:

  • If you owe $800 in AZ state taxes: Make a $400 contribution to Red Mountain Marching Band which then allows you to subtract $400 from your AZ state taxes. Your tax bill will then be $400.
  • If you are expecting an $800 refund on your AZ state taxes: Make a $400 contribution to Red Mtn Marching Band, which enables you to add $400 to your AZ state tax refund. Your refund will be $1,200.

Don’t forget – Account 8122. We greatly appreciate your support. Thank you for your consideration!

Jennifer Hamilton

Director of Bands, Red Mountain High School

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